First Week in China – so much to tell!

I owe you guys some updates!  It’s Saturday morning, and I’m currently getting ready to go to the Great Wall of China. YES. THE Great Wall of CHINA. 😀 what an exciting day! I’ll post the pictures tonight if I’m not too tired when I get back.

I have met my cooperative teacher here, she doesn’t speak much English, and I’ve watched her teach two general music classes and a choir rehearsal.  I’m still not sure of all the music opportunities they have here, but Mu Xuan said she would get me a schedule and hopefully many of my questions will be answered there.  All the music classes are taught in Chinese.  They are putting on a production of Fame in a month and are looking forward to my help with that, but I’m not sure how much help I would be.  They said they had a band, which really excited me since I hadn’t seen any band instruments around, and Mu Xuan and her translating student took me to the band room.  It had four guitars, a drum set, and a keyboard.  Oh, THAT kind of band… wonderful.  That’s okay, though, since I know very little about teaching music other than band, I am guaranteed to learn something while I’m here 🙂 I wish I had brought my trumpet, though.

Last night we went to the Olympic Park. WOW, it was awesome!  Julia took some really great pictures of us with the bird’s nest and the water cube, and I’ll upload them as soon as she gets them to me.

Thursday night the guy that built this school took all of the student teachers out to eat at a VERY nice restaurant, with food and drinks all taken care of.  Some of the things were literally the best food I have ever had in my life.  It was a very nice change of pace from the dining hall here, that food is starting to gross me out… I’m glad I can’t see them cook it. Luckily, food around here is super cheap, and we can usually find a good, hot meal for under $2.

I gotta get going, here are some pictures!

No Tar Heels at the park! 🙁
A picture of the ‘squatty potties’ I’ve been telling you about…
A group of us from our hike around the Summer Palace!

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