Pep Talk with Blast Staff

I have so much to talk about! I don’t even know where to begin, really, so much has happened in the past few days and I just haven’t had time to sit down and post. I would like to postpone some of my topics so I can just unload the content of a session the whole cast had this morning (June 28). It was such a rewarding talk that I wish I’d recorded it, and I’m also a little frustrated at the moment so this would be a great opportunity to relive it for myself. I’ll start by just brain dumping some of the quotes I remember.

“How many of you woke up today and thought to yourself, ‘I am an entertainer’ …anyone? If not, then you need to start thinking that, because that’s what you are.”

“Where is regret? Behind you. Where is anxiety and fear? In the future, and you cannot do this job if you allow yourself to exist in either of those places. You must be in the present.” [I’ll start paraphrasing now] Regret is when something has happened that you feel isn’t right, and you allow yourself to feel something about it. You can’t do that on stage. You can’t allow yourself to feel regret when something doesn’t go like you want it to. You also can’t allow yourself to feel fear or anxiety that something may not happen like you want it to. We, as performers and entertainers, must take the time each day to find that place within ourselves where there is no regret, there is no fear, and be content with that. Then bring that on stage.

“This is the place (gestures around the room) where we are free to do that. We are free in this space to let go of regret, let go of anxiety, and embrace our identity as entertainers. When people ask what I do for a living I tell them that I make [stuff] up, because that’s what I do, and we have to not be afraid to do that.”

He also said, [paraphrasing]: You are getting paid to be yourself every day, so you have to allow yourself to be yourself, unaffected by regret or fear, every day for your audience. You also have to remember to appreciate what it is you’ve been given the opportunity to do, because it is a gift, to get paid to be yourself. So, when you wake up in the morning and remind yourself that you are an entertainer, also thank your universe for giving you the opportunity to do what very few people get to do in this world.

“How do you recreate a show every night without allowing it to feel recreated? Because that’s what you have to do.” He told us to think of our favorite song, then asked if we had ever sung our favorite song before. As expected, we’d all sang our favorite song hundreds of times. He said, “you sing it, every time, with the performer, in time, in tune, and every time with the same love and passion for that song, even though you sing it the same way every time. That’s what you have to do with this show each night.”

How cool is it that I’m getting paid to do marching band for people? I love my job, and I love the people I’m getting to learn from while I’m here.

All for now! Maybe my cast mates will get back to me on some more meaningful comments sometime.

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