Treat Yo’ Self… Yo Senses, I mean!

Crystal Universe, Toe-Nibbling Fish, and Good Beer = a very SOLID day off in Japan!

I made a video of what I did today. Between the Crystal Universe, fish nibbling the dead skin off my feet, and drinking craft beer with dinner I don’t really have a lot of material possessions to show for how much I enjoyed this day off… but a lot of sensory experiences to remember! However, I think we can all agree that days like this are better than any material goods and souvenirs I could ever obtain. What an incredible day. Lots of pictures, too!

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First up are some of the pictures I took while visiting DMM’s Crystal Universe. Here’s a link to tell you even more about it:

It was SUCH a neat experience! So often we experience visual art and music independently of each other and isolated from all other senses, so it genuinely amazed me to experience this exhibit since it triggered multiple senses simultaneously. For example, the Crystal Universe used music in sync with the light show. On top of that, you could control the different motions of the light by logging on to a website, and the series of light changes would vary depending on where you stood within the installation. SO, even though we stood in there for a LONG time, we never saw the same series of music and light more than once, because other visitors within the universe were contributing to the show.

ACTUALLY, in another effort to appeal to our senses, I should mention that we had to take our shoes off as soon as we went in and had to leave all of our belongings (except cameras and phones) in a locker. The first room we walked into was a huge bean bag room. Literally. Floor, walls, all of it was a huge meshy bean bag, and we all just fell and laid there for several minutes before the Japanese guides made us move along. Then, as we walked from exhibit to exhibit, the texture of the floor would change. At one point it felt like synthetic grass, another time it felt like memory foam, and then a soft carpet.

After the Crystal Universe we travelled into a room that had water up to our knees and mirrors around the entire room. There were projectors installed in the ceiling and also motion sensors. The projectors flashed coy fish and other colorful flowers onto the milky water based on where people were standing. Multiple times as we were standing among the coy fish a bouquet of flowers would bloom around us. It was SO colorful, and cool, and the pictures just don’t do the actual experience justice.

The third and final part of the exhibit we visited was a huge dome with a mirror floor. There were lights projecting butterflies, flowers, and other colorful objects onto the ceiling, so everyone was laying on their backs just watching. Again, no video I took did the scene justice. They were all super dark and couldn’t capture the bright colors in their full capacity. Pictures were a little closer to reality.

After the Crystal Universe several of us went to the mall, had dinner, did some shopping, and then had little fish eat dead skin off of our feet! Apparently that’s a thing here… as you saw in the video earlier, it was not Kevin’s favorite thing… I loved it! ¥800 well spent! (which is about $8.00 in US Dollars)

Here are some other pictures from the day.

2016-08-29 20.16.47

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