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‘After Sectionals – The Podcast About All Things Band’

AS 214 : Beginner Fundamentals Timeline

I wish I’d known about this podcast when I was teaching. WHY did no one tell me about this when I was actually a band director?! All the long commutes I spent driving home in North Carolina wrapped up in my own thoughts trying to solve the issues in my band room and I could have been listening to OTHER people’s thoughts all along.

Since moving to Austin I’ve been lucky enough to find my way into some band rooms and see some really great band directors work with their kiddos. One of those schools is Stiles MS, home of the After Sectionals podcast, and I’m slowly working my way backwards through all of their episodes and saving my favorites for the next time I find my way back into the life of a band director.

So, to my band director friends, and my future self when I’m a band director again and dig up these posts, you’re welcome!

On my to-do list: try to remember what my Beginner Fundamental Timeline and Checklist consisted of back in my Toisnot days…

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