Why? Because today was a great day. Why not celebrate?

The high for today was 79 – YES. Shorts weather! After our first show today, Cy and I took a walk to the wildlife area and got a PRIVATE tour with the birds of prey from G2  🙂 I primarily went over to see the baby owl, but got a lot more than I anticipated when G2 took us to the area where they keep the 9 birds of prey that Busch Gardens houses.  I got to meet Sophia – a Eurasian Eagle Owl, the biggest species in the world. I also met the fastest animal in the world (NOT the cheetah) – some bird that dives at something like 220 mph. I got to hold Squires, a member of the smallest falcon species. I also got to hold Pickwick, the “baby owl” that I have been excited about seeing for weeks. Turns out, Pickwick isn’t a baby owl at all, but a full grown something-or-other owl! Of all the things I learned today, I didn’t manage to remember the species name of my favorite feathered friend 🙂 I’ll find out next time I visit (there will definitely be more visits.)

Sophia - Eurasian Eagle Owl!

While we were visiting the birds, we had several people come and ask if we were the trumpet players in the Mix It Up show.  We got some really great compliments about the show, which were greatly appreciated since we haven’t really known what to expect from crowd reception! After all the frustrating rehearsals, and not thinking we’d ever get to a final product (well, we still haven’t reached that point…) it was nice to hear several people tell us that we’re doing something right.

After our bird visit (EEEEEE SO CUTE!!) the afternoon consisted of three more great shows, more great weather, and finally, a long-anticipated trip to Mongolian Grill with the cast.  Mongolian is a really awesome Chinese buffet nearby – I’ve been several times in the month I’ve lived here. We ate… and ate… and ate… I tried curry for the first time, per Megan’s suggestion, the buffet had a dish called “green shrimp curry,” and I loved it. I made a second plate of it I liked it so much. We continued to eat, until finally we felt ultimately miserable and moseyed our way over to Pirate’s Cove (YARRRR) to play Putt-Putt. The wind made it a little chilly, but it was a great time.

Becky, Ricky, Mike, Christine, and Me

I don’t want to take days and evenings like I had today for granted.  I really enjoy my job – can you even call what I do a job? I play a really fun and challenging show four times a day for a crowd of happy people, and spend the time I’m not performing exploring the world’s most beautiful theme park, reading, or just hanging out with some really great people.  That’s another thing I love – these people.  Alright, maybe love is a strong word, I still barely know these people I work with when it comes to their personal lives, but I love being around them.  I laughed so hard today on so many occasions that my stomach hurt… walking in the park, at putt putt, Mongolian, in the green room, and even on stage – I feel ridiculously lucky.

I am ridiculously lucky.

At the end of each day I look at my calendar and get a little sad that it’s another day closer to the end of my contract.  That’s not to say I don’t want to go back to Chapel Hill, I LOVE Chapel Hill, and am so excited to go back, but I wish time could move a little slower for the next month and a half.


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