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  1. Well well Jordan. I have been laying in bed looking at all if of your pictures and reading all of your blogs. I am very happy for you since its good to see something that brings you happiness and joy in what you do.

    I have to apologize about my bamas. I am a born Birmingham mix Alabam myself. Shhh non one knows that at TMS, but I guess they will now. When I read about your bus ride I said Jordan is a star from “Orange is the New Black”. That was the first thing that came to mind in your experience. LMAO.
    Your adventure to Snows house sounds scary and trust I wouldn’t want my parent to know it either. The Great Wall and your experience in China sounds and look amazing. Reminds me of all the stories/pictures my father has shared with me from Northern China to Japan and Thailand. Parents use to live there and my mom taught school there. Thank you for taking time out if your busy schedule to document and shared with us.
    So you say training and simple things you miss at times but I see the tough Webb hanging in their and doing your thing. I am not a music major but I get what your doing. You’ve made dive friend and reads a plus as well. You my need to get done air fresheners. I will mail you done if you need them you know I’m the queen if of those at TMS. I say your instruments and like Janelle I was like what the hell is that?! Their are many facets of you we never or I never got to see. It’s refreshing to read and see all if this great stuff you are doing. I’m happy to hear how happy you are the adventures your’e experiencing and living life to the fullean. I’m happy for you. Continue to make your life enriching and excitiing , embracing all new things. Study hard and your gonna be great at anything you do. Do your best as I know you will do and keep us posted.


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