Cooking Fears…

I have a feeling this will be the first of several posts on this topic.

I have… a fear… of cooking chicken. There, I said it, I am AFRAID of cooking chicken. What if it doesn’t get cooked all the way, and I make myself and anyone I’m cooking for sick. Chicken is TRICKY, and the subject of all those commercials you see on TV about being aware of clean surfaces, proper disinfectant solutions, the little disclaimer about undercooked meats in all restaurant menus, and that SALMONELLA thing – I DON’T WANT IT. My fear of cooking chicken has always led to me cutting it into little pieces and throwing it in a pan until it’s chewier than beef jerky.

Until now. Because I have learned something here during my time in Williamsburg, a very valuable lesson in the text book of life:

Poached Chicken.

Also known as Boiled Chicken, Katie has just informed me.

Walking out of the park a week or so ago, Megan (the other girl in my show, trombone), and I got into a conversation about our cooking fears. I admitted mine was chicken (hers is noodles), to which she responded, “cooking chicken is EASY!” 😯 Someone who has apprehensions about cooking NOODLES told me that cooking chicken is EASY. SERIOUSLY? Immediately intrigued by how this could be, I began asking questions, and learning about the process of poaching chicken.

So, tonight, I tried it. I threw a bunch of spices in a pan with a chicken breast and some water, and cooked the crap out of it. And, you know what? It was awesome. AND I’m not throwing up yet (I’ll keep you posted on that). In fact, I ate it too fast to even take a picture to show you. I feel so accomplished, and I feel like I just took a giant step in the direction of being an adequate adult.


Also, today was a fantastic day. I spent a lot of time lounging around here, catching up on Glee, hit up the book store for a bit, and spent the afternoon organizing my YouTube accounts. AND, in an effort to prepare for graduate school, since classes start for me in about a month and a half, I organized my Microsoft Outlook E-mail – still a long way to go, but already looking so much better than it did.

I think this epic food victory deserves ice cream. #FAT 😀

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