Day 3!

I’m not sure yet how much I’m ALLOWED to reveal about this process and this show… BUT, I have some mini updates!

We had stretch/movement with Michael Rosales this morning. Man… I SUCK. I’m so glad to be back in the performer role with a group. I learned several exercises already that will work great with programs when I come home, and I’m going to get SO MUCH BETTER myself. Also… to all my Carolina Gold family… all those days you were cursing us for the morning work outs we made you do? I feel your pain, y’all… my body is SO sore after our morning block. I can’t wait for more!

We got two charts staged today. One of the slower pieces features an INCREDIBLE baton twirler from Japan named Chiho. I’ve been impressed with baton work before, but she is on a whole new level. She juggles the baton with her elbows. WITH. HER. ELBOWS. And she’s a beautiful mover in general. The piece itself is really well written, and I find myself being 100% engaged simply watching Chiho interact with the 3 other musicians on stage. It’s simple and achieved at an extraordinary level. And, like Jim Mason said to me today, when you get to this level and have this kind of experience on the stage, it’s an incredible show.

We were also able to stage another piece, but since it only has 9 horns playing several of us were put on prop duty. You can kind of see one of the props in the pictures below. The visual ensemble… INCREDIBLE. I’d upload some of the video clips I took today, but I’m worried about exposing parts of the show and breaching any privacy standards that are in place.

However, I DO have pictures!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Oh, and shout out to Barista Parlor, the hipster coffee shop near the Aldi Grocery Store that I can walk to during my meal breaks ❤️  I could get used to this.

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