First Day Back in JAPAN!

Made it here safely! I’m currently entering the 24th hour of my 26 hour travel day… not a lot of events to share, but with 2 hours left in our bus ride to Nanyo and it being only 9:40 PM, I’d like to take this chance to outline my goals and hopes for the next 4.5 months! Before that, though, check out the time lapse I captured from the bus before it got dark!

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Goals for the Blog

  1. Make a post on the blog every day.
    • I realized I never posted those videos and pictures from Nara and the Hanshin Tigers game… regardless of the length, I want to post SOMETHING every day so I’m not left feeling overwhelmed when I fall several days behind in posting.
  2. Make shorter posts.
    • After some reflecting and rereading previous blog posts, I realize I tend to get long winded sometimes due to my efforts to describe events in great detail. My goal this tour is to be more concise with my language while still maintaining detail.
  3. Take more videos AND pictures.
    • I’m usually pretty good at taking pictures, but I’ve come to realize through Benji’s Vlog that videos really do capture so much more about a moment than a picture does. I’m not even going to try to do a vlog like he does, and I prefer writing, but I’d like to make an attempt to record more of my experiences in video format.

Life Goals in Japan

  1. Learn enough Japanese to be functional in public settings.
    • Super tired of not knowing what to say when I go to buy something at a convini… already done that twice since arriving and I would like to be able to order food and buy things without looking like a mute idiot before I leave here.
  2. Play something every day on trumpet that is NOT from my show.
    • This goal started out as ‘get better at trumpet,’ but, I know goals that are too vague are rarely ever reached… so let’s try this one. There’s a lot of rep out there and too much of it I’ve never even attempted. Even if it’s just an excerpt from the Arban book, I gotta play something other than Disney for the next 4.5 months.
  3. I don’t really have a number 3… suggestions?
    • What a time to be alive!

All for now! Can’t wait to see and show off my Japanese-style Inn when I get there!

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