First Day Off!

And, as with all days off here at Blast, it started with an evening of drinks and socializing. Our day off was Monday, which included a day of sightseeing in Shibuya, home of Shibuya Crossing, where we visited shops, ate some good food, and visited a CAT CAFE!

Also, for the record, I somehow managed to be in Japan for a whole week before actually trying sushi. Not sure how that happened. Pictures below!

Sunday evening after rehearsal we travelled a few minutes away to Fussa to experience the nightlife scene. First stop was this AWESOME whiskey bar. Not a huge place, very few seats, and absolutely no people, so the 6 of us sat and sipped delicious whiskey (and other things) to start off our night. While we were there the bartender cut up some watermelon for us!

2016-08-15 01.31.43

After the Watermelon Bar (that’s not it’s actual name, I just think it’s awesome we got watermelon while we hung out) we headed to another bar in the area where the rest of the cast was dancing. I’ve been feeling SUPER separated from the rest of the cast since they spend time on the stage during these tech rehearsals while I’m in the BACK of the theater, so it was nice to actually spend some extended time with everyone.


The next day we took a train to Shibuya. Shibuya is known for its Shibuya Crossing and has been compared to NY’s Times Square.

2016-08-15 14.07.39 EDITED

We very quickly decided food was the immediate priority, and several of us broke away from our larger group and found a stand up sushi bar. I’m not really sure what all I had… there’s a chart of the sushi hanging in the bathroom, but I’d already eaten by the time I discovered it. I know I had octopus, egg, and fish egg, which were alright. No, actually, that’s not true. I didn’t enjoy the fish egg. That one was not tasty. I DID enjoy the tuna pieces, though! So much so that I ordered extra. I watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi before I came and have been SO EXCITED about experiencing the high quality of fish meat here. I can’t wait to keep traveling and trying more!

File Aug 17, 8 05 17 PM

Our stops after lunch included a variety of stores, including Bershka, Zara, Don Quijote, and a few side shops.

2016-08-15 17.53.15 HDR

And then… the highlight of the day…


Basically, we paid $10 for a cafe beverage of our choice and got to hang out for half an hour with cats. APPARENTLY a dog cafe just opened in LA. To all my business friends: HELP ME OPEN ONE IN NORTH CAROLINA <3

Here are a few photos from throughout the day… including an energy gel (which I assume is like the Japanese version of a 5 hour energy), waffle ice cream, SOME WEIRD TOY THINGS from Don Quijote, Ramen for dinner, a street musician, and some evidence of how exhausted I was for the train ride home. Note the hashtag. What this picture fails to show you is that Mark actually fell asleep STANDING UP on this exact same train ride. But it’s FINE…

Oh yea, and here are some bobbleheads. They’re awesome.

2016-08-15 19.41.59

After dinner several people from our group went to get massages. There are a TON of places around! I opted to get coffee at Starbucks with Benji instead. There were several buskers in the crossing area, including some musicians in addition to the magician we saw AND Waldo, and while we stopped to listen a couple started a conversation with us. They said they were from Japan, but I think they may have also been visiting the area as tourists just as we were. He was from Japan, she was from Indonesia, and they were super nice and interested in what we were doing in Tokyo. We told them about our show and when they looked it up they found an article online that talked about our show schedule and how many of our shows are sold out. I know I’ve done my 5 weeks of rehearsal already and have been in Japan for a week, but this still doesn’t feel real sometimes. It’s a weird sensation when I realize that I’m in the life that I’m in right now… it’s definitely a bit of an out-of-body experience. I’m in Japan. I’m performing in a sold out show for the next month. I’m living the dream that I’ve had for almost 10 years. It’s easy to go through the motions each day and get the job done while enjoying the adventure, but I’m so grateful for the moments where time seems to stop and I see myself from a distance. I’m SO lucky. I get the feeling randomly… sometimes when I’m conducting the show, or when I’m surrounded by residents on the train that are in their everyday routine, or when someone is genuinely impressed by what it is I get do to every day… It’s a cool feeling. I love this job. I’ve loved other jobs in my life, but this one had a lot of hype going into it and it’s living up to all of it.
2016-08-15 22.13.16 HDR

Did I mention that I’m in Japan? I love it here!

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