Forever Changed…

Guys. Ramen. I am forever changed. You know those crappy little noodles you can buy for $0.25 in the US called Ramen? Forget everything you know because THIS… THIS is Ramen, and I am in love.

2016-08-11 18.25.55

There’s a machine that you use to order your food. You go up, put in your money, press the buttons, and it prints a little ticket that you give to the person preparing food. THEN you use both hands to eat the ramen! I tried to take a video of what the process should look like… it’s messy. It’s polite to slurp your noodles here because it indicates you’re enjoying the meal. So you use chopsticks in your right hand to pick up the noodles while you spoon the broth and other things with the spoon in your left hand.

Also, shout out to Benji for his vlog that he’s keeping while we’re here. Check it out!

I’m inspired by his videos and will be trying out a few of my own! For example, here’s a timelapse of one of ¬†our visits to the Ramen place! I say one of because we’ve been here a week and I’ve already been 4 times…

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