Got away from the theater for a minute to cheer for MY TIGERS!!!🐯¬† There’s a story behind how excited I was for this game and getting to wear this jersey…

In 2016 I had THE BEST TIME of my life at my first Japanese baseball game, so when we made plans to go in 2017 I could hardly contain my excitement on the way to the stadium. I talked the whole week about buying a Tigers jersey, because I regretted not buying one the year before to sport at the game, and couldn’t wait to sit in the Tiger’s section and participate in all the Tigers’ fans rituals, like releasing balloons onto the field in the 9th inning. UNFORTUNATELY, I ended up in the Swallows section in 2017, where I was told I had to take off my jersey I’d just bought, and there were no balloons, only stupid umbrellas. AND, I learned that these umbrellas only exist to make the fan section look bigger because there ARE NOT FANS.

So, shoutout to the 2016 and 2018 Hanshin Tigers for creating the best baseball experience, even when we lose to the Giants and don’t get a single hit the whole game. And, screw the Swallows. #foreveratigersfan¬†#hanshintigers #hometeam #japanesebaseball #gotigers .¬†

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