Japan — Day 1 🇯🇵

We’re here!2016-08-09 00.27.58

We arrived yesterday afternoon and immediately purchased our chu-hi drinks for the bus ride to our hotel. The ride was about two hours, and after about 30 minutes of sight-seeing the whole bus fell asleep. So much for getting the upper-hand on the jetlag…

 I have so many pictures to share!!!

2016-08-10 09.51.57


Like this one… Rigo, Harold, and I will be dropping our album soon. Stay tuned.

I’ll have to take some time to take pictures of my room to post for you guys. It’s super small and admirably efficient! AND it came with slippers and these dope robes.



This is Chu-Hi! It’s delicious. And very alcoholic. And very sweet.

I woke up this morning and several of us ventured to the local Seiyu, which we have concluded is your Japanese Wal-Mart, and did some grocery shopping. Look what I bought!

2016-08-10 11.08.36

Here’s all the stuff I did NOT buy…

2016-08-10 11.02.10 HDR
Successful trip to Seiyu! (aka Wal Mart)

2016-08-10 14.31.41 HDR

After our trip to the market we came back to the hotel and hung out for a bit, then ventured out to get coffee.

GOOD NEWS: They have coffee here.

Also, my coffee had JELLY in it! Yep! Think, like bubble tea, but with mocha flavored jelly chunks in the bottom. It was delicious. Harold and Benji thought so too. After coffee we ventured over to the McDonalds. Those of you that know me know that I HATE McDonalds… In fact, when we got there I hadn’t planned on getting anything. UNTIL I saw the “Certain Victory Burger Beef and Pineapple” on the menu. I HAD to try it. It was… interesting… It tasted like you might expect, a big mac with a pineapple slice on it. The cheese sauce was loaded with pepper, which I assume is not traditional of a big mac, but I’m really no expert. This may have been the first McDonalds burger I’ve had since the McDonalds I visited in Beijing back in 2012. And, much to my surprise, my body didn’t feel AS MUCH like death as I used to when I would eat American McDonalds.

If you’re following me on snapchat you’re getting realtime video of me TRYING all of these foods… for the rest of the world, this is what I have to offer… (anybody know an easy way to upload snapchat size videos on here?? I’d be happy to share!)

Then we learned how to take the train and went to rehearsal. Not a lot happened. The beginning of Tech Week seems to be a slow process as we get mics figured out, work on lighting, sync it all together, etc. I don’t mind – it made for some down time to take some photos!

After rehearsal a few of us went to the Coco Curry that is attached to our hotel, which is a food chain restaurant in Japan, then hung out in my room watching Netflix and drinking Chu-Hi. Opinion so far: I like the Pineapple Chu-Hi better than the Lemon. I have a Lime ‘Bitters’ Chu-Hi that I’ll be trying next. Did I mention they’re 9% alcohol??

Tomorrow (Thursday, August 11) is our first full rehearsal/tech day. Can’t wait to see everything we’ve been doing finally synced up with lights in a theater!

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