Margaritas All Around!

Tonight a bunch of us went out to a Mexican restaurant near the park for food and margaritas 🙂 My favorite food, and one of my favorite drinks, and some of my favorite people – what a great way to spend an evening!

This picture is the result of one of the most disgusting dinner conversations I’ve ever witnessed, complete with PICTURES. Chris told us, in graphic detail, about the pregnant doe he hit with his car the other day, and provided detailed pictures. Clearly, I was a little disturbed.

I visited Chapel Hill earlier this week! Overall, it was a well-rounded trip to Carolina, complete with Sutton’s, a blueberry wheat beer from Top of the Hill, and seeing a Pit Preacher get asked to leave by DPS for the size of crowd he was attracting.  I also managed to meet up with my housemates for this year, Jesse and Leigh – I really think I’m going to enjoy living with them.  We’re living in some apartments about a mile away from Campus…. why couldn’t I have had that kind of location in undergrad?

Tomorrow is day 2 of our second 10 day marathon, Beddingfield Chorus is supposed to be here! I’m excited to finally be playing for a familiar face – I hope I don’t choke during my solo O_0  I also hope the next 10 days pass slowly… I really enjoyed the routine of getting up and doing a full day of shows for 10 consecutive days.  After this marathon is over, it’s just going to be weekend shows, and I leave before the park opens daily again 🙁

*sigh* time for bed. BUT I don’t want to leave on a bad note, so, YAAAAY IT’S SATURDAY AND BEDDINGFIELD IS GOING TO BE IN THE PARK TOMORROW!!!! 🙂

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