My New Job

I work in the “World’s Most Beautiful Theme Park”

No really. Busch Gardens Williamsburg has won the award for “The World’s Most Beautiful Theme Park” for the past 20 years. I learned that in my orientation!

This blog is long overdue – I had this idea back in September and began working on a weebly site that was never finished. BUT, now I come to you with something better than weebly, and that has already attracted more of my attention (yaaawn… it’s getting late)

I’ll pass on the ‘this is what I’ve been doing’ update for now, since this has been a busy year and catching anyone up in one post would be exhausting. I’m currently working at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia, also known as Busch Gardens Europe, playing in the new Italy show called Mix It Up!

Shows are finally on a daily schedule, and I can’t believe I work here 🙂 I love the people I work with, the environment, just everything – are jobs really supposed to be this much fun??

Here are some pictures I took – proof I may actually work at the World’s Most Beautiful Theme Park 🙂

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