Private Lessons

Private Lesson Studio

Parents and students of Leander, I am so excited to start working with you in private lessons! I am very much looking forward to getting to know you at this point in your trumpet journey and be a part of your next chapter during our upcoming months together. Please see the attached document for my studio guidelines and policies that have been developed to ensure that this experience is valuable and enjoyable for everyone involved. Please contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.


Online Video Lessons

As a former middle school band director, I know it can be difficult to find the time, space, and budget necessary for private instruction on a musical instrument. Online video lessons are a great way for students with busy schedules or on a tight budget to still get the extra instruction they want on their instrument. Without the restrictions of a traditional work schedule, finding a location for a lesson, and the inconvenience/cost of driving to and from lessons, there is a greater opportunity for students to have access to private instruction than ever before. Taking private lessons are great for upcoming playing assignments in band class, all district help, drum corps preparation, or simply to use as a consistent resource to continue growing as a musician on your instrument.

Who can take lessons?

Anyone! Students of all ages and instruments are welcome to sign up for lessons. Although I am primarily a trumpet player, I am connected to a network of musicians that are interested in expanding the opportunities students have to take lessons. Once you fill out the form below I can get in touch with you about setting up lessons with myself or another instructor that specializes in your instrument.


How much do lessons cost?

In an effort to make private lessons available to as many students as possible, prices vary from student to student based on several different factors. It is my goal to find a length of time and lesson structure that will meet the needs of your student, your schedule, and your budget.Lessons can range anywhere from $10-$50 depending on length, frequency, age, and instrument. Fill out the form below and I’ll get in touch with you directly so we can start our discussion and get lessons going as soon as possible!

Where are lessons held?

Thanks to the convenience and availability of video technology, video lessons can take place anywhere! Students can take lessons in a number of places, including traditional spaces such as band rooms and practice rooms at their school. Students taking video lessons are able to take their lessons virtually anywhere (pun intended). At home, after-school care, homes of family or friends, etc.

Do I need any special video program or software to take video lessons?

Anyone with a device with a camera and access to wifi or data plan can take video lessons. Lessons are held via FaceTime or Skype for those not using an iOS device. Skype can be downloaded for free on a number of devices.

When do lessons happen?

Video lessons allow a wide range of times to be available to students. Lessons can be held on weekends, weekdays, mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

How is payment made?

Each month an invoice is emailed with the projected schedule for the month and payment due. There is a PayPal link in the invoice that can be used to pay directly. Although this is the preferred method, we can talk about options when we discuss the details in setting up your lessons.

Can I attend my student’s lessons?

Sure! It’s encouraged that parents be a resource to students and their development as a musician. Students are welcome to take lessons one-on-one with their lesson teacher or with others in attenda