Shout out to my brother for giving me a ‘Tour of Tokyo’ book before I came that told me I’m visiting Japan NOT during any of the prime tourist seasons, but actually during TYPHOON SEASON! We’ve endured several ‘typhoons’ since arriving in Tokyo, and being from the East Coast I was super thrilled to see what hurricanes on the other side of the world are like.

Not gonna lie, most of our typhoon experiences have been underwhelming. We were beginning to make jokes about the lack of severity in typhoons. THEN yesterday happened… not sure if you heard, but some really disastrous typhoons hit the area, destroying houses and shutting down several train lines for part of the day. Everyone here is okay, but it seemed appropriate today to post the montage of typhoon footage I’ve collected since we got here, complete with our people watching session during the typhoon yesterday AND our own umbrella-destroying experiences.


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YouTube Direkthttps://youtu.be/XIcWW9GqoL4

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