VA Beach!

This week on our days off, Team Italy decided to take a trip to Virginia Beach. I can’t even come up with words to adequately describe how much fun I had 😀

We arrived at the beach, which is about an hour away from Williamsburg, at 11:00am. Immediately after claiming some beach territory we stripped our clothes and made our way to the water. It was COLD 😯 We danced on the edge for a bit, trying to acclimate our bodies to the freezing water inch by inch, but with no success. Finally, a handful of us sucked it up and plunged into the water… it was UNPLEASANTLY cold, but our excitement for being at the beach at all stifled the complaints and dulled the thousands of pins sticking our bodies from the cold water. :mrgreen: We swam until our bodies were numb (it didn’t take long), and made our way back up to our towels. 🙂

Christian, Andrea, Phil, Becky, and Isaac

The following pictures are from a game called Chubby Bunny… apparently, you put marshmallows in your mouth, one by one, and attempt to say “Chubby Bunny.” You alternate with other people, and first person to crack loses… Becky and Cy competed, and as you can probably foresee from the pictures, Becky lost – 5 marshmallows was the count at the time.

. . .

Later, we dropped our stuff off in our hotel room and made our way down the strip looking for lunch places. I don’t actually remember the name of the place, but the food and drinks were outstanding 🙂

Me and Becky at lunch

Our return to the beach after lunch consisted of an intense game of ultimate frisbee, more swimming, and of course, SOMEONE had to be buried in the sand…

Cy volunteered.

We went out to a restaurant called Abbey Road (right? that’s the Beatles song… isn’t it?), and Megan and I split a seafood platter to satisfy the intense seafood cravings we’d been having since the conception of this whole beach trip idea.

. . .

Note: I decided to take a break from this post and take a shower at this point. This beach trip happened on Tuesday, and today is THURSDAY, and I’m still swabbing sand out of my ears. 😮 I forgot to mention our body boarding sessions, where we all discovered the many locations that sand can work its way into, and how difficult it is to get rid of it. gah.

Anyway. Summary: A freaking great trip. I think we should all quit our jobs and just go to the beach every week.

Megan, Isaac, Kevin, Patrick, Ellis, Christian, Becky, and Tanika

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