Virtual Class

Covid-19 has forced students around the world to rely on virtual learning more than ever before. Band students have been unable to enter their band rooms to engage in rehearsals, sectionals, private lessons, and that absence is having effects on their playing. The most obvious trend for trumpet students has been the regression of fundamental skills, with many students struggling to find motivation to practice. On a deeper level, we are all struggling to adjust to the lost sense of community and camaraderie that comes with interacting with our peers during rehearsals.

However, with this loss of access to our traditional ensembles comes a unique opportunity to expand our band rooms beyond the walls of a building. Thanks to virtual platforms such as Zoom, our community has no limits. Weekly classes are designed for students in grades 7-12 and welcome all ability levels. Classes can be taken independently or to supplement private lessons with me or another teacher, and you can enroll anytime.

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