Wangfujing Snack Street!

Family and Friends! I’m sorry I’m so behind on posts! I have been suuuper busy, and this particular post has taken me days to upload thanks to some internet troubles we’ve been having… sorry for the delay! 

We’ve been hearing about the “Snack Street” that is off of Wangfujing street… Dave, who we lovingly have started calling ‘Disposal Dave’ has been anxious to go ever since we arrived in China.  I learned that it is officially known as Donghuamen Night Market.  Tonight (Friday, April 13th), Dave and Tim said they were going, and after feeling rejuvenated from a long nap this afternoon, I decided to go too 🙂

The three of us decided to try some exotic food, since that is the feature of the market.  Here’s one of (several) reactions to the food we tried…

The image above is the last thing we tried for the evening. I’ll talk more about that in a second.

Dave and I started the evening with a vegetable wrap of some kind.  The wrap itself was very similar to a crepe, and it was loaded with green onions.  After that, we decided to try something exotic, so we bought some scorpion.

The scorpion was pretty good! We summarized the experience as, “crunchy with flavor.”  They had bigger scorpion, but they were much more expensive.

The exotic food we tried included: Scorpions, Shark, Snake, and Sea Urchin.  The Scorpions were, as I said, crunchy with spice.  The Shark was probably our favorite – really flavorful, and tasted like most other fish I’ve had.  The snake had the same texture as fish, but without as much flavor.  The spine was the only obnoxious thing, but it was pretty easy to maneuver around 🙂 And finally, the Sea Urchin was DISGUSTING.  It was only 15 yuan, split between the 3 of us made it worth the adventure.  Unlike the other things we tried, this was COLD.  It was also very slimy, and was much like the stuff you would find on the bottom of an ocean in an area where the water doesn’t move much.  The 3 of us agreed on the tasting experience: at first very fishy, and then a moment of delight. A taste none of us could really describe, but we agreed we thought maybe this may not be so bad after all.  Then immediately following came the taste of the slimy goo that made us all want to vomit.  No joke. Disposal Dave even gagged a little.  But, in the end we agreed we were glad we tried it.  All the other exotic foods we had were pretty tasty, and it just seemed obligatory to have one disgusting thing to make the adventure more valuable 🙂

We alternated our exotic tastings with good food, such as the wraps Dave and I started with, and Tim’s roasted lamb and corn.  Dave and I also split an order of fried dumplings – SO GOOD. Tim bought what was said to be fried bananas, but it just tasted like fried dough, not even a hint of banana taste anywhere.  We ultimately ended our night with Candied Strawberries.  They’re just like the Candied Haw Berries I’ve posted pictures of, except with the juiciest strawberries I’ve ever had… seriously.  The fruit here, in general, has been some of the best I’ve ever had!

Again, sorry I’ve been so behind on posts.  I’m down to my last full week in China, and only 11 more days before I come home!  Man, time flies.

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