#WhatsInMyMouth Special Feature!

Almost all of my pictures today revolve around food, so I thought this would be a great post to direct your attention to a sub-page of my blog called #whatsinmymouth! Follow JWebbCast on Instagram and check out the #whatsinmymouth sub-page on my blog to see what I’m eating here in Japan! Read more below!

#WhatsInMyMouth was created last year as a joke where I would take pictures of all the foods I was finding, still unable to read packaging, and would post on snapchat to see if anyone had any guesses as to what it could be. I love food, so I figured out how to have a constant stream of pictures featuring the food I’m eating here in Japan. Check out our breakfast spread!

This is pretty standard for our mornings here so far. There’s rice, tomatoes, salad, potato salad, miso soup, delicious fresh ground and brewed coffee, and several other breakfast items. The full spread from today is at the top of the page!



Here are some other food things I saw today… had my first Conveyer Belt Sushi of the tour for lunch!

As you can see, my macro camera lens from Bitplay is still coming in handy.




And check out these imported cherries from USA!

New time lapse coming by the end of the week featuring the BIKES we got to ride to and from rehearsal!  Stay tuned!





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