Y’all… I am TIRED.

My body doesn’t hurt as much as it did in the first week when we were working on tricks for one of the numbers, but I find myself REALLY struggling to get out of bed in the mornings these days. Once we get up and moving, I’m usually okay, but I’m very thankful I have a roommate that has to ALSO get up and go to the same job as me, otherwise I think I would have overslept multiple times by now.

Our days start at 9am with stretch, so we are all usually up and in the hotel lobby grabbing breakfast between 8:00-8:30 then our drive to the rehearsal site). I know, it’s REALLY not that early, especially for me since I’m used to getting up around 6am during the week for work. BUT, even with my long days working public school, going until 10pm every night seems to be taking a toll on my stamina. I think I’ll take our day off this Saturday and actually REST, unlike last Saturday.

We’ve been spending the mornings in music (post-stretch) and then staging pieces during the afternoon. Evenings are spent finishing any staging we need to and also incorporating some choreography, then we do two run throughs if we have time. Typically I get to swing in for the second run. Last night that meant AS SOON AS I finished my flugel solo I had to run and pick up my piccolo trumpet and play a mini-solo for Rhapsody in Blue. The picc part goes up to a high F. For those of you that know me and how I play, you know that range is not my strongest feature, so I’ve been working really hard in the past 10 days to put some time in increasing my range. That’s when people like Mark and Rigo have REALLY come in handy by giving me some really helpful exercises. Their advice AND my Schlossberg lip slur regiment are working! I went from not being able to hit the F AT ALL when I got here on picc to now hitting it PRETTY consistently, and I’m able to get out multiple runs of it in a rehearsal. Still a lot of improvements to make, like hitting it with a consistently full sound, but I feel good about making progress and actually SEEING that progress happen so quickly. Very refreshing and reaffirming for my self-esteem. I think that’s part of why I was so defeated on Day 4…  after over an 8 year hiatus from touching a piccolo trumpet, and no really helpful advice from anyone on how to quickly get reacquainted with the instrument, I was feeling pretty helpless. For anyone out there wondering, pages 5-7 in Schlossberg on trumpet and some chromatic ascensions (from Arban, actually) on the picc were what helped me a lot.

Fastforward to 2:00am… when I started writing this entry I was on my lunch break at Barista Parlor. Now it’s 2am and I just finished hanging out with some wonderful cast mates that I just got to know today. I’m going to be SO tired tomorrow, but how can I be mad at myself when I’ve spent my night listening to Snarky Puppy and talking to new friends? At least it will have been worth it.

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